Saturday, October 16, 2010

Music with Nancy

The residents really look forward to listening and singing along with Nancy. They always have a great time together and can't wait for her to come again next month.

Another Talent

Another Talent that I have found here at Welcome Home is the love of doing puzzles. There are a few residents up in Building B that love doing then. Last Friday to today they
have done about 5 puzzles. We are going pro up here!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Tough Being a Bug

Why are raining days so hard on people?
Today we decided since the rain was coming down pretty good this morning that we would just throw on a movie. We put on "It's a Bugs Life" and they really enjoyed watching something new. They were laughing and giggling. I have a feeling that we will be putting more movies on with winter coming up!

Getting Pamper

Wednesday we had Foot Clinic come in and pamper our residents.
From soaking there feet in warm soaping water to after getting lotion rubbed in.
They got extra spoiled with home made popcorn while relaxing!

LDS Conference Weekend

Conference Weekend=Church in PJ's
here up at Welcome Home.
As you can see below most of our residents still got dressed up for the respect of conference.

Our New Favorite Exercise

Every other Friday we still play balloon volleyball.
Last week we had a great turn out and they played for almost an hour.
They really get into the game and start laughing and joking around.
Enjoy all the smiling and laughing faces!


We love having Connie coming in and doing Yoga with our residents.
We will be having her coming in the mornings for the next little bit so we have moved
Sit and Fit for the afternoons. The residents really seem to enjoy learning new breathing Technics also the meditation time towards the end.


The serious faces of bingo.
I love watching them focus so much on their cards.

If anyone needs volunteer hours we would love help calling Bingo on
Saturdays at 2:00.
Contact Andrea at 801.298-4969 if you are interested.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Friday

Friday's here at Welcome Home are kinda crazy. The ladies look forward to
Friday to get their hair done but some look forward to
working out at Sit and Fit. Here are just a couple of pictures of them enjoying their
morning work out. They are getting so strong and staying in shape.

Welcome Home Talents

Here at Welcome Home we have some very talented residents. I will be randomly posting different talents that I see from our amazing men and
women. I love watching them show off their talents and talk about
how they first started and who taught them.
Please enjoy the pictures!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Branch BBQ

Friday August 27 the 9th Branch did a big BBQ for Welcome
Home residents. Everyone loved the food and really enjoyed the company.
The only bad thing was the weather so we had to move everything
inside. It still turned out great!!! Thanks to everyone that helped out to
make it so amazing for the residents.
Below are some pictures from that night.